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Custom Web Programming

As a premier web design and programming company, Asisness offers services that allow us to meet all of your e-commerce needs. Our multi-talented staff will handle any programming needed; regardless of the size of your online store and inventory.

Our experts can easily create a unique online store for you and showcase your products and services at their maximum potential. New and returning customers will be able to easily purchase at any time of the day or night, allowing you to increase your customer base exponentially!

All e-commerce programming we do for you will have the following fundamental web application and database programming characteristics.

Your online store will be completely secure:
Your customers' credit card information will be encrypted and transmitted using a secure server.

Your customers' privacy will be entirely protected:
When your customers enter personal data, their information will be from disclosure or sale in accordance with your company's privacy policy.

Your online store will be database-driven:
You will be able to update any product information, images, or other types of data using a standard Web browser. In other words, you'll be able to easily manage your own online store!

Your online shopping carts will be easy to use:
Your customers will be able to purchase one or more items or services at a time. Sales tax and shipping and handling charges will be automatically calculated based on your own parameters and requirements.

Your customers will enjoy shopping in your online store!
Each of the following types of pages may be included in your online store to maximize the pleasure of your customers' online shopping experiences:

Product Categories Page:
This page will display your primary product categories and will be accompanied by a brief description. Customers will be able to search your database of products by both category and keyword.

Product Listing Page:
This page will display the product items included in a category.

Product Detail Page:
When your customers click on a thumbnail image or an item name or number of a product, a larger image, a detailed description, and the pricing information of the product will be displayed. We'll include an "Add to Cart" button in order to encourage immediate purchases.

Shopping Cart Content Page:
Your customers will be able to view the items in their shopping carts at any time by pressing the "View Cart" button, and the customers may update the quantities of an item or delete it from the shopping cart. From this page, your customers will have the option of continuing to shop or of checking out.

Customer Information Page:
When your customer is finished shopping and clicks on the "Checkout" button, the Customer Information page will be displayed, which will request the entry of the customer's personal information, including name, shipping address, and billing address. When this data is submitted, it is stored in your database, and returning customers will not need to re-enter their information.

Finalize Order Page:
This is the last page a customer will see before the sales transaction is complete. It will contain a summary of the order, including the item number, item name, price, quantity, item price, total price, sales tax, shipping and handling charges. The customer will also be asked to enter the credit card information for the purchase. The order will be complete when the customer clicks on the "Submit Order" button.

Printable Invoice:
After a customer submits an order, your online store will generate a printable invoice that contains all of the order information, including an invoice number. This invoice number may then be used by the customer for further inquiry. In addition, your online store will generate and send a confirmation email message for your customer.

Your online store will allow you flexibility when you process orders.
You will be notified of a sale in your online store with an email that will contain the order information. In addition, you'll have the choice of processing a credit card transaction manually or automatically with an online credit card authorization company.

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