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Social Media

Does social media work? Yes and no, it greatly depends on what you are trying to do. Even when it does work in most cases is it not greatly effective.

How is social media suppose to work? This is how, you set up your snaptwitbook account, then you post some message about your company and how great it is and all your followers re-post i.e like it or re-twit it and your post is displayed on their snaptwitbook account and their friends view it and re-post it and so on and so on.

First you have to build a network of friends this is no small task. Then you have to post something so interesting that it gets re-posted. Next, their followers have to be interested in your product. This sounds simple but is time consuming.

This works to some degree for businesses that have a social aspect. Such as bars, churches, school events, clubs... these kinds of groups. The best example I have is the High School kegger. This is a closed group of people, who all know each other. A post like "Kegger at Deans!!!" spreads like a wild fire, this is very effective.

Now let's say you sell welding equipment. How many people in your circle of friends and family are weldors? Of those people how many of their friends are weldors. And do you think people who weld would be looking on snaptwitbook when they need a new welder, welding rods or acetylene gas? This is the opposite of a closed group so it's probably not going to work. You may generate some business but not enough to justify the time you spend snaptwitbooking?

Why is Social Media so Popular

Popularity is not an indication of quality. Think of the popular people you went to school with were they good people. Why is social media so popular? Anyone can do it. Your mom, your grandmother or a chimpanzee with a brain injury... anyone. It take no knowledge or skill to set up a snaptwitbook account and get to work. My grandmother was over 90 years old and couldn't turn of cap locks. She continually TYPED EVERYTHNG IN ALL CAPS LIKE SHE WAS SCREAMING and had a snaptwitbook account. The internet is prone to fads some are useful some are not choose wisely.