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The Problem With Search Engines

Many assume that once a website is built a search engines will find it and you'll get visitors to your site. Keep Dreaming. Search engines want us to believe that you don't have to modifying your website just to do well in search results. So what's the problem.

Here is the problem. How people search for something and how it's stated on the page are two different things. Search engines index the words on the page and that is what determines what search terms your appear for. there are other things taken into account but if the words aren't on the page nothing else matters. Unfortunately searchers ask for an item differently then how it's stated on the page.

Here is an example. A search for "how do i get wireless internet" isn't stated that way on the page of and Internet service provider selling Wireless internet Instead the page reads "To receive wireless internet at home click here" so it's not a match.

Many methods have been developed to try to solve the problem, but it comes down to the fact that computers don't think like people and people don't think like computers. Thank god for that.