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Pay Per Click website marketing simply put, is paying for the placement of textual advertisement on search engine results pages. You bid for placement for specific "key words" that trigger your advertisement to be displayed when searched for. You pay a per click price for every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement and visits your site. This type of advertisement is commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click).


Successful Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC can be very profitable or it can be very costly depending on how well it is managed. A common mistake of most novices is their fixation on the position of the advertisement on the results page. Though it is true that the higher you are on the results page the more visitors you will receive, it is also true that the higher you are on the results page the more it will cost.

To successfully manage a PPC campaign you must know what you can afford to pay and what you can't. It's all a matter of conversion cost and return on investment. A conversion cost is the amount you pay for a sale or lead. If it costs more to make the sale than your profit, then your return on investment is low. The trick is to know your acquisition cost, the amount you can afford to spend to make a sale, and stay under your acquisition cost. Because paying ten dollars for a five dollar sale is foolish to say the least.


Asisness can help you increase your traffic
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Caution! A poorly managed campaign can cost you a small fortune. Paying too much for keywords has nearly bankrupted some people. When managed correctly PPC can produce excellent results.

You must understand a few rules to keep you safe:


Targeting appropriate Keywords

The most important thing to know is if the keyword is NOT appropriate for your product, you're just wasting money. I frequently hear the story of someone bidding on keywords that are high traffic, but not appropriate for their product, just because they want the visitors. Someone looking to purchase a bicycle wants to see a bicycle shop and nothing else. If you sell bicycle parts and someone searching on this term visits your site, well then that's a very valuable lead but not if you sell life insurance. This seems logical enough but it's shocking how many people would argue the point.


Campaign Monitoring

Asisness will monitor your campaign constantly. We test and decrease and increase your bids day after day, to hone your campaign to get you the best return on your investment.


Maximum Return On Investment

Here is where Asisness shines. We will research the most appropriate keywords for your product. We develop and test textual advertisements to increase click through rate. We adjust your cost per click for every keyword term to achieve the maximum return on investment possible.

Don't squander your advertising budget.
Let Asisness make your Pay Per Click campaign successful.

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