Website Development and Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the most effective way to market commercial websites. We offer competitive prices at a great deal less than standard media marketing, with a better return on your investment. If top ranking for high traffic search terms is what you need, then you need Asisness. We keep up to date with the constantly changing search engines landscape and hone your site to ensure top positions.

If you are not in the search engines,
how will they find you?

Maintenance Programs
Getting to the top of a search results page is just the beginning. Keeping it there is an ongoing effort. One-time optimization just gets you used to good sales, then you watch the sales slowly slip away. Nothing is more frustrating than watching your site drift down the results page. Asisness offers an ongoing maintenance program to get you on top and keep you there.

Website Optimization Prices:

Optimization for a regional web site is $300 a month. Regional web sites are sites that depend on local businesses. If your ability to sell or deliver a service is confined to a specific region this is less difficult to attain, consequently less expensive. The initial set up fee is the first month's maintenance fee.

Optimization for full Internet is $400 a month. If you can do business anywhere, the keywords are more competitive, and more difficult. The initial set up fee is the first month's maintenance fee.

Pay Per Click Prices:

Pay Per Click management price is $300 a month plus a monthly click budget. The initial set up is the first month's maintenance fee.

Optimization service includes:

Pay Per Click management includes:

We manage the most popular PPC (Pay Per Click) search engines. Since this can vary over time we don't specifically mention which we manage currently. Contact Asisness for further information .