Website Development and Marketing

Full service web development company

Asisness is a full-service web development company. We create commercial websites for businesses who rely on online sales. We offer custom website design, application development and custom features to assist visitors and establish your company's online business presence.

We specialize in small business web development and marketing. If you're looking for someone reliable to manage your website and make it profitable, then we can help. We help you manage all aspects of an online business.

Asisness will develop, manage and advertise your website to your target market. We handle all the task involved with the operation of a website, so you can focus on managing your business.

Shopping Carts and Custom Applications

Shopping carts are the majority of the applications we develop. Asisness can create a functional shopping cart customized to your business needs. We can create, modify or maintain any custom coding you require. Call us to discuss your project needs or fill out our free consultation form.

Many Years of Experience

We have been in business since the late 1990's developing and marketing websites. Websites are practical tools for promoting a business and selling products. Commercial websites should look professional and be useful to visitors, in the end that is all that matters.

What makes a website profitable:

  1. Speed -- People don't like to wait. If your website is slow to load or slow to react to a click you lose money.

  2. Navigation -- The harder it is for visitors to find their way around on your website, the faster they leave.

  3. Functionality -- Websites serve a purpose. Visitors need to be able to purchase products or receive necessary information for a site to be functional. Websites built for the only purpose of "getting them to call" are rarely profitable.

  4. Informative -- Explain your product or service in great detail. Websites sell your visitors on your company's products and services. You can't say too much but most sites say far too little about what they offer. When you talk to your customers, listen to their questions because this is the information you need and want on your website.

  5. Appearance -- The least important factor is appearance. Many would argue this point but it is true. Websites should look professional and be easy to read, beyond that appearance plays a very small role. Something happens to people when they decide to create their website they turn into virtual interior decorators. Look around your office, is it ornate or professional in appearance? Revisit your favorite websites, what do they actually look like? Are your favorite sites useful or decorative.

This is what years of experience has taught us and this is what we offer our clients. Call us or fill out our free consultation form to receive a free quote.